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Dues are $15 (individual), $25 (family) or $50 (business). Send check to "Mystic Flag Committee" c/o Densmore Oil Co., 1 Bank Square, Mystic, CT 06355

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History Booklet

Mystic’s Liberty Pole has stood proudly for 150 years, and now you can read a detailed history of our Liberty Pole, and learn more about Liberty Poles and Liberty Caps in general. The Mystic Flag Committee has produced a beautiful, full-color book entitled Mystic’s Liberty Pole: 1862-2012.

The book is 28 pages, 6" X 9" paperback, printed in full color on glossy paper, and featuring photographs throughout which illustrate our pole, from its earliest appearance on the Groton side of the Mystic River right up to the installation of our newest pole in May, 2012--and it’s only $7!

You can pick up a copy at Mystic River Books in Bank Square, Mystic, CT.

Most important, the purchase price will go entirely to help the Mystic Flag Committee with the ongoing costs of maintenance, new flags, and other supplies. Please help us keep the flag flying proudly over Mystic!

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Mystic Liberty Pole History Booklet

Mystic Liberty Pole History Booket

Buy in Paperback:
Available at Mystic River Books in Bank Square, Mystic, CT